Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him

Here is a powerful example (stream audio) of God’s Kingdom breaking out…this time in the midst of incredible suffering from the Haiti earthquake.

Here’s the description from the Miami NPR station’s website:

This piece reconstructs an inspiring moment amid tragedy and pain, at a makeshift hospital tent in Port-au-Prince.  In it, four medical professionals from South Florida recount their experience landing in Haiti after the Jan. 12 earthquake, and struggling to meet a desperate need for medical help.

One describes the situation as “a war zone.” Another describes a feeling of worthlessness, given the scale of the catastrophe.

But then something happens that surprises them: a man begins to play a guitar in the corner of the tent, and patients begin to sing.  Soon every Haitian in the tent is singing or clapping or dancing.  The song: “Jesus, thank you for loving us.”

Stay with the story to get the full impact.

Project Medishare is one of the efforts Cross International assist post-earthquake, but all the glory goes to God here.

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