The myth of self-ownership

Here’s an excerpt by a terrific new book I’m wading through by Kelly Kapic titled For God So Loved, He Gave.

We live under the burden and illusion of self-ownership.

Think of commercials that tell women that at forty-five years old they should still look twenty-eight, and if not, it is their fault for not buying the product.  Parents are promised their children’s future success if they will only purchase the newest educational video and attend every extracurricular sporting activity.  From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, the reality is that convention, and a complex of other competing forces own us.  We are won by our possessions; owned by those around us; owned by people we have never met but who exert incredible power over our lives in some of the most subtle and sinister ways.

So we enter into the myth of self-ownership, and we cannot hear the good news.

Read the first chapter here.

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