The mediation of Christ in worship

If you are feeling tired?  Perhaps exhausted?

Please stop what you are planning to do for the next 20 minutes and read this.

It is, IMHO, one of the best practical and theological articles on Christ’s role and our’s in worship than I have read in some time, including this gem:

The mediation of Christ in worship powerfully reminds us that worship begins with God, not us.  God initiates, and we respond.  ‘The desire to pray,’ wrote A.W. Tozer more than 60 years ago, ‘begins with God’s previous desire to have us talk with him.’

This changes our roles as worship leaders significantly from ‘producers of the sacred’ who have to create moments of worship from scratch, to worship guides who help the congregation connect with the ongoing worship of Jesus.

Try putting a PowerPoint slide with these words on the screen when the countdown clock reaches 0:00:  “We now join the worship of Jesus our High Priest which is already in progress.”

Much more.  Good stuff.

Please read.  You won’t regret it.

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