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Josh Wilson receives his award – post 1 of 2

On Friday of last week, one of our Cross International staffers flew up to Clearwater Florida to present Josh Wilson with the Harmony of Hearts award he won during our song competition. We want to give another shout out to Josh for writing a song that so clearly reflects Jesus heart for the hurting and the poor! Stay tuned for next week’s post where we will dig into our interview with Josh and talk about what inspired him to write such a powerful song. Congratulations Josh!

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“God actually delights in exalting our inability”

Pastor David Platt on the American church and following Christ via the New York Times: The tension between good and plenty, God and mammon, became the central tension in American life, propelling ferocious energies and explaining why the U.S. is at once so religious and so materialist. Americans are moral materialists, spiritualists working on matter. Platt is in the tradition of those who don’t believe these two spheres can be reconciled. The material world is too soul-destroying. “The American dream radically differs from the call of Jesus and the essence of the Gospel,” he argues. The American dream emphasizes self-development and personal growth. Our own abilities are our greatest assets. But the Gospel rejects the focus on self: “God actually delights in exalting our inability.” The American dream emphasizes upward mobility, but “success in the kingdom of God involves moving down, not up.” Platt calls on readers to cap their lifestyle. Live as if you made $50,000 a year, he suggests, and give everything else away. Take a year to surrender yourself. Move to Africa or some poverty-stricken part of the world. Evangelize. Although you don’t have to go overseas to evangelize or serve the poor.

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Year without mercy

With the 2008 Presidential Election in full swing last September, the tropical storms and hurricanes that ravaged Haiti escaped the attention of most… …but not the Miami Herald, who sent photographer Patrick Farrell to the island nation.  He returned with this photo and others – which earned him a Pulizer Prize – chronicling the horrific toll the storms took on this impoverished country. Warning:  These photos are not for the feint of heart. They are, in Farrell’s words, heartbreaking.  In fact, you can hear his voice waver and crack in the audio narrative. Father God:  Open our eyes and our hearts to help those that are in need, as You have commanded us to do.

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