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Congratulations to Fireflight!

Harmony of Hearts is proud to announce that Firelight is the winner of the 2012 Song of the Year award! Each year Cross International gives a special award to the writer or music artist who has best conveyed the mission of our ministry in a current song. Our goal is to inspire more Christian artists to share this vital Gospel message to their listeners worldwide. Previous winners have been “Follow You” by Leeland, “Keep Changing the World” by Mike’s Chair, and “I refuse” by Josh Wilson. This year, Fireflight’s song “Proof of our Love” demonstrated the heart for the poor that we look for in contestants, and when the voting was over, emerged a winner. The lyrics in this song resound strongly with Jesus’ call to get out into the world and help the poor. The verses and chorus go: “So far away from the lives we lead each day. Love as voices hunger, and there’s no shelter from danger. All this love we talk about, talking won’t put food into their mouths. Don’t look away, don’t look away Why don’t we do something? Why don’t we do something? (If we say that we love them?) Don’t turn away, don’t turn away Let’s open up our eyes, bring our faith to life. (This is proof of our love.) This is proof of our love. Harder to see than the problems we perceive. We’re sickness, fast on our apathy and there’s no way to the suffering. All this hope we talk about, wishing won’t help those who go without.” Congratulations to Fireflight!

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