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African 15-year-old AIDS orphan triumphs

Our African project officer, Jim Kline, recently returned from a several-week trip to Africa where he met He visited the Reencontro orphan project in Mozambique, which provides care to about 7,000 orphans and vulnerable children in Maputo, including Zeinabo, a 15-year-old double AIDS orphan (below). Zeinabo moved in with her aunt after her parents died and split her day between a vocational tailoring program at Reencontro and her many chores at home. However, her aunt became angry that she was spending so much time at the training program — time she could have spend doing chores.   One day in a rage, she poured hot water on Zeinabo’s feet, thinking it would prevent her from making the long walk to Reencontro. But what was intended for evil, God turned to good! Read the rest of the story from here.

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