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Keeping your team in concert

Mike Hyatt has 8 things he’s learned about leadership from attending a Nashville Symphony Orchestra concert and observing the conductor. Among his thoughts are: Start with a great score. Conductors have a plan, starting with a score and a clear idea of how it should sound.  Only then do they attempt to recreate in real time their musical  ‘vision.’ Recruit the best talent. Great conductors attract great players; mediocre conductors attract mediocre players.  The best want to work for the best – like attracts like. The conductor is purposely visible to be seen by everybody. He stands on a platform so that every member of the orchestra can see him.  This is the only way they all stay together, starting and stopping at the appropriate time. More from Hyatt’s blog here. (photo credit:

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Is Facebook a fad?

Not according to Michael Brush of MSN Money, who compares the social networking site to Walmart: It’s a giant, like Wal-Mart Stores. And as a one-stop shop that lets users easily build networks of friends to share news and photos, join groups and search for school and work buddies, it has the potential to bury MySpace, and other competitors the way Wal-Mart has busted local retailers. He posts these facts as evidence: Traffic. In December, 108 million people, or 30% of the world’s Internet population, visited Facebook, compared with 81 million who visited MySpace, according to Nielsen Media Research. Users. Facebook now reports more than 175 million active users, compared with 130 million for MySpace, its closest direct competitor. “Facebook is eating MySpace’s lunch,” says Bill Douglass, a social-media strategist with Brainerd Communicators. Value. Two years ago, based on the sale of 1.6% of its business to Microsoft, Facebook might have been worth $15 billion. That’s up there with household names like Nissan Motor, Halliburton, and Kellogg today. Some pundits posit that Facebook could surpass Google (!) for total worldwide unique visitors. (hat tip to Nell Handley, colleague @ Cross International)

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