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NoiseTrade (fair trade music)

If you’re not yet familiar with NoiseTrade, a free on-line distribution site for musicians, you should be. There is great music available for download in exchange for either a) the email addresses of five friends or 2) an amount you choose to pay. From the site ‘About’ page: “A great record is its own best marketing tool,” says Derek Webb, singer/songwriter and Co-Founder of NoiseTrade. “All the marketing dollars in the world can’t accomplish what one great record can, especially if it’s set free to roam around and connect with the right people.” In 2006 Webb gave away his ‘Mockingbird’ record for free online, asking in return for a little information (name, email address, and postal code), and as part of the process, for fans to invite their friends to download as well. Including Webb (a sometimes collaborator with Caedmon’s Call) and his wife Sarah McCracken, NoiseTrade has music by Cindy Morgan, Indelible Grace, Covenant Life Church, Jill Phillips, and a ton of other indie/unsigned artists in the acoustic/Americana music vein. And as an artist, you can now sign in and upload for free. Worth checking out here.

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