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Day of Hope – WFRN Radio, Elkhart/Indiana

Would you please pray for me the next few days? I’m planning to be on-air in Indiana (Elkhart/South Bend) at WFRN Radio raising awareness and funds for Cross International. Our focus will be providing for critical care orphans and children in Mozambique, Africa.  Only $68 provides food, clothes, preventative medical care, educational expenses, or other basic needs of one child for an entire year. Many of these kids have been orphaned by the African AIDS epidemic. To stream WFRN live during the broadcast (Tuesday & Wednesday), go here. Read the story here of 16-year-old Sandra and her siblings – ages, 12, 10, and 6. To support one child for an entire year for $68, go here. Thanks.

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African orphan support – $68/year

Here’s a wonderful opportunity for you to become faithful with a little: The Reencontro Orphans Project in Mozambique provides direct support to more than 7000 orphans and other vulnerable children in Mozambique, Africa. Reencontro is composed of local Christian laypersons and cares for these children, many of whom have lost parents to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Incredibly enough, $68 provides food, clothing, health care, education or other essentials for a child for approximately one year. Orphans receive food, education, citizenship registration (documentation they need in order to attend school), healthcare, housing, vocational training, income generation projects, and spiritual and psychological counseling. Would you and your worship team be willing to be musical advocates for the Reencontro Orphans Project this fall? If you would present a song during one of your services in September or October, I will provide you brochures, free music, free DVD/audio tracks to support these parentless children in Mozambique. Every single dime raised from your event will go directly to the Reencontro orphans. Call me for details:  1-800-391-8545 ext. 174. Download details on Reencontro here:  Reencontro Orphans Click here for music samples Click here to preview DVD accompaniment tracks Click here to order free music

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Christian radio supporting Cross International

Please pray for our efforts this month with a large number of Christian radio stations across the U-S. We are working with several radio stations and programs in extending a helping hand to African orphans. Each gift can provide food, clothing, preventative medical care, school expenses, or meet other basic needs of a child-for an entire year. Click here to learn more

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