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What orphans need

Borrowing from another good post by Dan Cruver of Together for Adoption over at The Gospel Coalition blog. In short, orphans need Christians who fully understand that God’s pleasure in them is equal to the pleasure He has in Jesus: When Jesus was about to go public with the mission of God, his Father declared over him, “This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17). As Scripture makes clear, Jesus had been sent to fulfill the Father’s mission to redeem humanity and renew creation—which includes, by the way, the removal of the word “orphan” from the human vocabulary. The Gospel writers tell us that God’s Son went forward with the mission of his Father in the strength and knowledge of his Father’s delight (Matthew 3:17; Mark 1:11; Luke 3:22). What orphans need are churches that are full of people who wake up each morning hearing and rehearsing these amazing words that are declared over them. “You are my beloved child, in whom I am well pleased. Yes, you were once without hope and without God in this world, but I have brought you near by the blood of Jesus. I have embraced you in the Beloved. Live in my love as you move out in mission.” Full post here and worth the read.

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We’re all born orphans – new song

Though I Was Born An Orphan is a wonderful new song that works well with a focus on the theological themes of adoption and care for the fatherless. The free download (lead sheet and demo audio) is courtesy of David Ward and Northbrook Baptist of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Lyrics: Though I was born an orphan, Abandoned and alone, Enslaved and bound in darkness, Without a hope or home, The God of grace and mercy From his eternal throne Ordained to be my Father And claim me as His own. That I might be adopted The Father sent his Son To live in full obedience And die for what I’ve done. Now through his resurrection, Through faith, with him I’m one. A member of his household, I am an heir, a son. To soothe my fear and worry The Spirit from on high Was sent to be a witness That “Father!” I might cry. O How I love this Father! I’m never left alone. He’s come to dwell within me Until he calls me home. Since I have this adoption, I cannot close my home To widows and to orphans, Abandoned and alone. Lord, fill me with compassion To love the fatherless, That I might show the nations How great my Father is! A good tune for Orphan Sunday in November. Their site:

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