No compromise in the worship wars

Great post here by Ed Stetzer titled “Ending the Worship Wars without a Truce.”

His thoughts about ending the “periennal war over worship” includes these 5 ideas:

  1. Rally around Truth, not a truce
  2. Acknowledge that preferences are personal
  3. Realize relevance and reverence are not at war with each other
  4. Embrace humilty
  5. Cultivate consensus, not compromise.

Quotables include:

The reason worship wars exist is because the church thinks it is fighting for something permanent when it is actually temporary. Musical styles and service preferences are like a jacket that can be taken on or off depending upon the temperature.

and this:

At the heart of many of our worship wars is, sad to say, idolatry. Our worship of things other than God drives the way we contend for ways to worship God.

When reverence is equated with austerity, it can reveal an idolization of familiarity and comfort and control.

When relevance is equated with a production carte blanche or “freedom of expression,” it can reveal an idolization of trendiness and self and showmanship.

Both relevance and reverence can cloak idolatry of cultural forms and expressions.

Well said.  Read the whole post here.

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