Looking for worship songs that help prepare for an encounter with death

Mike Cosper of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville has a good post over at the Gospel Coalition on the importance of lament and mourning in worship.

It includes this story:

Kevin Twit, founder of Indelible Grace Music and a pastor with Reformed University Fellowship, once told me about a forum he attended. A collection of publishers from Christian contemporary music were on a panel, including Kevin, and each was asked to share what they looked for in a song.

The answers were largely what you often hear in songwriting forums—“melodies that stick with you,” “good hooks,” and “catchy choruses.”

But Kevin’s answer was different. “I look for songs that help my students prepare for their encounter with death.”

He closes with this:

The news streams with tragedy, and it will continue to do so. As our congregation gathers on Sunday, they come from tragedy.

They hear a bad prognosis, or receive terrible late night phone calls. Places at the dinner table or bedroom are suddenly unoccupied, and the hardship of daily life is now a little colder, darker, and weightier.

What are we asking them to sing? What words are we putting in their mouths? How do they pray in a dry and weary land, where there seems to be no water?

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