Help for pooped (worship) pastors

Have you ever felt like this?

If so, you should know Steve Brown.

Although you probably wouldn’t guess it, he’s a former Presbyterian pastor, writes helpful material, and hosts a couple of radio shows that are both informative and entertaining (no small feat).  In fact, he’s quite funny.

His website – – is a resource you should know about.  Although he’s targeting pastors, much of what is there is helpful for music directors or anyone involved in a ministry leadership capacity.

From the site:

I’m no longer a pastor but I haven’t been away from it for so long that I’ve forgotten…

The discouragement,
The battles that I sometimes won and sometimes lost,
The hypocrisy I often felt in thinking that my being a pastor was insane,
The times when I didn’t know what I was doing and pretended that I did,
The criticism that often came from those who I thought were friends,
The 24/7 schedule with work that was never done,
The people who left my church because they “weren’t being fed,”
The blank page late Saturday night and my reminding God about the sermon,
The incredible guilt over my family and my ministry,
The loneliness,
The fear of discovery,
The neurotics who hated me,
The congregational meetings when I was sure it was coming apart,
The hard road of authenticity when everything I did worked against it,
The efforts at humility when people thought more of me than was justified,
The questions about whether I and what I did even mattered…
Well, you know. It goes on and on.

If you touch base with Steve, please tell him I said hello.

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