Giving non-musicians a voice in worship

Nancy Beach of Willow Creek surmises some questions from those who attend our worship services and are not musically inclinded.

Her gentle reminders include:

1. Please choose singable songs.
Most people don’t sing much in public, other than at sporting events where they routinely massacre the national anthem. Songs that captivate musicians should be carefully screened to determine whether average people can pick up the melody. When worship planners ignore this, we risk leaving out many in the pews who can’t express themselves through difficult music.

2. Must we repeat so much?
While some repetition is strategic—to learn a song and to enter into the richness of the lyrics—the non-musician loses patience sooner than others if songs repeat. Too rarely in our churches do we leave people wanting more!

3. May I please sit down?
Some parts of the musical worship almost demand that we stand together, others are opportunities for sitting down. Tell me when I can sit. (Not only the elderly will thank you.) Whatever posture we adopt, standing is not the only way to express reverence before God.

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Do you survey your congregation for input?

If yes, how do you do it?

If no, why not?

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