Every day donors

From leaving a can of soup on the doorstep for collection by a local charity to logging on to the Internet and making a mini- or micro-gift, the small givers are drawing attention for their good works and their willingness to keep giving in a tough economy.

…so says the New York Times.  Also:

Americans have always been generous givers, and small donations have always played their part.

After a tsunami devastated parts of southeast Asia in 2004, individuals in the United States donated $2.78 billion of the $6.2 billion raised for relief efforts — and the median gift was $50, the average gift $135. Yet multimillion gifts and lavish campaigns and events often commandeered the spotlight and the press coverage.

“We are deluded by the attention paid to the large contributors in our country,” said Wendy Smith, author of “Give A Little: How Your Small Donations Can Transform the World.”

“Small checks coming through the mail are the bread and butter for most organizations.”

That certainly is the case here at Cross International.

Thank you for praying and playing your part in caring for the poor.

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