Connecting with Scripture thru music – new Nicole Nordeman

My personal feeling is that the perceived problem is the relevance of Scripture. It becomes harder to bring the mess of our modern questions to the pages of such a holy and sacred text, and find relevant answers. We are tempted to look solely through a cultural or historical lens, taking Scripture and the stories within, at face value. We want sound bites and CliffsNotes.

We want easy acronyms from our pastor to help us remember the “takeaway” from a certain passage. I just don’t think Scripture can be read or absorbed like this.

I was humbled and embarrassed as I dug further into this project to realize how I had marginalized some of these characters over time. I think people often shrug and walk away from the study of Scripture (and maybe from churches) because at first glance we don’t see the immediate connection between God’s people then … and now.

We don’t see any connective tissue from our lives to theirs. And it’s just too much work for most of us to dig deep enough and long enough to unearth the treasure that is buried a few miles down.

– Nicole Nordeman on “Stories”, her first album in six years.

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