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David was a bluesman

So says Glenn Kaiser, former frontman of the REZ Band: … if one were to place the songs of the Book of Psalms in catagories, “laments” would be the largest of them. A full 57 of the 150 lyrics in this biblical book speak about struggle, problems, negative situations. They cry, shout and beg for deliverance. David and the other writers of these lyrics had much in common with a slave culture many years and miles removed from them. Then he writes: As a musical form, blues is basic. Twelve-bar tunes (an entire verse or chorus typically contains 12 measures, three chords) are basic, simple and direct. Regardless of tempo and production, it’s immediate and most of the time, pretty earthy stuff. Which is to say “unpretentious”, real. As was stated in the opening paragraph, blues is based on the human voice. If one examines standard blues music, one readily hears a guitar, harmonica, keyboards and sax- when soloing (playing melodies)- playing and sometimes echoing a succession of notes that could have just as easily been sung. Even the foundational instruments- drums and bass- many times mimic phrasing right out of the average blues singer’s repertoire. As a music minister, all of the above is not only touching for me, it also offers a wonderful vehicle through which to communicate the messages I am convinced God wants my audience to hear. The whole thing is worth reading. I really like what I’ve heard from Glenn’s Cardboard Box CD.  If I can get a copy, I’ll do a review soon.

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Simple Living (A Rich Young Man)

Keith Getty leads you through a new song he’s written about the incident with Jesus and the rich young man (below or click here). Great idea for a mercy-themed service. ~~~ Simple Living (A Rich Young Man) Words and Music by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend © 2011 Thankyou Music and Gettymusic A rich young man came to ask of Christ “Good teacher, will you tell me What must I do for eternal life? I’ve kept your laws completely.” “Sell all you have, give to the poor, Then heaven’s treasure will be yours.” How hard for those who are rich on earth To gain the wealth of heaven. Now Jesus sat by the off’ring gate As people brought their money: The rich they filled the collection plate; The widow gave a penny. “Now she’s outgiven all the rest – Her gift was all that she possessed.” Not what you give but what you keep Is what the King is counting. O teach me Lord to walk this road, The road of simple living; To be content with what I own And generous in giving. And when I cling to what I have Please wrest it quickly from my grasp I’d rather lose all the things of earth To gain the things of heaven  

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Everybody’s favorite hymns

Christianity Today surveyed 28 hymnals and has listed them on a .pdf for download. Here are the top seven: 1  1847 Abide with me: fast falls the eventide H. Lyte 2 1779 All hail the power of Jesus’ name E. Perronet 3 1844 Come, ye thankful people, come H. Alford 4 1851 Crown him with many crowns M. Bridges; alt. G. Thring, 1874 5 1779 Glorious things of thee are spoken J. Newton 6 1745 Guide me, O thou great Jehovah Wm. Williams 7 1826 Holy, holy, holy! Lord God almighty R. Heber CT also has a story on how they survey was done.  

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