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Haiti relief supplies delivered

Below is video of Haiti relief supplies being unloaded and now being distributed to earthquake victims in Les Cayes. Because the southern seaside town has only a small harbor with a wharf that cannot accommodate large vessels, small boats were used to transport the relief supplies to shore. Loading the 20-foot containers on the little boats was quite a feat! Your worship team can make a difference for the poor in Haiti and around the world with free Harmony of Hearts materials. Click here to find out how. (courtesy of the Cross International Field blog)

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Bill Clinton in Haiti

In a Miami Herald article chronicling former President Bill Clinton’s visit to Haiti this week, the reporter mentions the Haitian Education Leadership Program (HELP), to which Cross International provides scholarships. Here’s why: The statistics are daunting: almost half of the country’s estimated 9 million people are under 20 years old. Of the school-aged students, 60 percent are enrolled in primary school, but only 20 percent make it to high school while only 5 percent actually graduate. For more on our Haitian projects, check out our Project Catalog here. The Miami Herald article here… (HT:  Mike Wilson, Project Director for Cross International)

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