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Finding room for the newborn

Under “putting your money where your mouth is” folder you should find this story: In a speech that discussed abortion, the President, and the sanctity of life, the most provocative statement from Pastor Vic Pentz of Peachtree Presbyterian Church came towards sermon’s end: “I make a promise to you now and I don’t want you to keep this a secret,” the pastor pronounced, “the Peachtree Presbyterian Church will care for any newborn baby you bring to this church. “We will be the family to find a home for that child, and there’s no limit on this. You can tell your friends, you can tell your family, you can tell the whole world …” Reflected Pentz a week later, “I seem to have touched a nerve by saying that to the congregation.” It’s a speech he repeated this past Sunday, and it can be found on the church’s web site under the sermon title, “Ethics of Life”. Pentz says the church will partner with Bethany Christian Services, which promotes itself as “the nation’s largest adoption agency” and will handle the “how” of making this happen. Sermon based on Psalm 139 and the “My 95” campaign which Peachtree Pres has held the past few years. Some questions: How many babies have found homes thru Peachtree Pres since this offer was made? What if every church in the U-S made this offer? How many overseas orphanages could we empty?

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African orphan support – $68/year

Here’s a wonderful opportunity for you to become faithful with a little: The Reencontro Orphans Project in Mozambique provides direct support to more than 7000 orphans and other vulnerable children in Mozambique, Africa. Reencontro is composed of local Christian laypersons and cares for these children, many of whom have lost parents to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Incredibly enough, $68 provides food, clothing, health care, education or other essentials for a child for approximately one year. Orphans receive food, education, citizenship registration (documentation they need in order to attend school), healthcare, housing, vocational training, income generation projects, and spiritual and psychological counseling. Would you and your worship team be willing to be musical advocates for the Reencontro Orphans Project this fall? If you would present a song during one of your services in September or October, I will provide you brochures, free music, free DVD/audio tracks to support these parentless children in Mozambique. Every single dime raised from your event will go directly to the Reencontro orphans. Call me for details:  1-800-391-8545 ext. 174. Download details on Reencontro here:  Reencontro Orphans Click here for music samples Click here to preview DVD accompaniment tracks Click here to order free music

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Haitian orphan support: $23.50/month

The World Harvest Children’s Home in Cazeau, Haiti provides food, medicine, and care to 80 orphaned, sick, and handicapped children in Cazeau, Haiti. Here’s the description: Traveling to remote, impoverished villages, founder Miriam Fredericks rescues handicapped, abandoned, and starving children – children so hungry they are unable to walk or even crawl, with little bodies ravaged by TB, malaria or dysentery. Though some are so ill they do not survive the trip back to the orphanage, so far more than 100 children have survived and been carefully, lovingly, nurtured back to health. Gifts contributed to World Harvest Children’s home help Miriam and her staff meet these children’s nutritional and medical needs, and give them a loving, caring place to live. For $23.50 per month or $282 per year, you can provide one child with: Three nutritious daily meals Tuition to attend local public school Proper medical care Bible instruction and education Would you and your worship team be willing to present a song on their behalf? If you could present a song and pass out our brochures during one of your services this fall, every dollar will go to the World Harvest Children’s Home in Haiti. I will happily provide free materials for your music department and information for the congregation on the impact they can have for the orphans in Haiti. Just contact me for details and free music.

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