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Forced child labor in Haiti

Embedded video from <a href=”” mce_href=””>CNN Video</a> CNN has this report from Haiti on child laborers or “resteveks” (Creole for “stay withs”). Cross International is involved with schools for Haiti ‘revstevek’ children.  $4400 keeps one school in operation for 10 months in Haiti. Up to 95 children are depending on Cross and our donors to keep their schools open and provide them with an education that will help them escape their current situation. After watching the video above, click here to learn more about our efforts to aid ‘resteveks’ or forced child labor in Haiti. Or click here to download our report on Restevek School Support. Why not hold a worship service in your church to subsidize education for resteveks? Click here to learn how. (HT:  Cross Int’l on Twitter)

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