American Idol finalists claim Christ as Savior

In case you’ve not been following this season’s edition of American Idol, here’s a pull from The Christian Post:

The two rising stars (Scott McCreery and Lauren Alaina) have also not been shy about their Christian faith. McCreery has been seen wearing a large black cross necklace since his audition, and Christian ministry I Am Second pointed out this week that he is wearing a black I Am Second bracelet on his right wrist.

The I am Second movement teaches the importance of making Jesus Christ the first focus in a person’s life and making oneself second.

“It is inspiring to see him confidently display his faith to millions each week,” said Mike Jorgensen, I Am Second executive director. “We wish him the best in the finals.”

McCreery told Hollywood Life that, “My faith is a big part of my life. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart. He’s got me through this for sure. I need to stay by him through this competition. He’s the only way I’m getting through it.”

And his favorite day of the week? Sunday, because he gets to go to church and have a home-cooked meal by his mom.

Competitor and good friend Lauren Alaina shared with Us Magazine that her pre-show ritual is prayer.

“I just pray before I go out every time,” she told the Hollywood celebrity-focused magazine.

Have you noticed how many AI contestants have church singing and/or music backgrounds?

Pray for these two, that they will stand clearly, firmly, and winsomely for Jesus.  Not an easy task for anyone, but I’d assume especially challenging for these two and their families.




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