How $25 feeds 250

Here is a wonderful opportunity for your worship team or choir to serve the poor in Jesus’ name.

Cross International has partnered with grassroots Christian organizations located in some of the most impoverished areas of the world.  We provide food to children and families who would otherwise go hungry, and possibly starve to death.

By presenting a song and distributing envelopes, your worship team can significantly impact the poor with a minimum amount of details and difficulty.

Harmony of Hearts provides choral and solo arrangements free of charge to be presented by your church choir, soloist, or team for a worship service as special music or an offertory.  We also have accompaniment tracks, video, and audio Scripture readings by James Earl Jones that reinforce serving the poor; you may use whatever you deem helpful and appropriate.

There is no cost for the materials.  You discuss the work of Cross International by distributing brochures and say a word with the presentation, and perhaps print our website in the bulletin.  We track any response and provide you with the results to report back to your congregation.

Just think:  if 10 people provide $25 apiece, your church will feed 2500 people in the name of Jesus.

So little will do so much for those in great need.

For a free Preview Packet of music and worship materials for your church, email your request to me today.

If you are ready now to present a song, order free music & worship materials on-line here (please provide me with a date for your presentation).

Serve the poor through your music ministry by contacting me today.

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